Banner Mesh is made up from a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). One of the worlds most widely produced product.

We offer 3 different versions of this material in a woven form

  1. 9x9 Special

  2. 9x9 Standard

  3. 12x12

All have an open weave allowing air to pass through the material, however the 12x12 mesh has a much tighter weave, this will cause it to hold back more air than the 9x9 special would so this is worth considering.


9x9 Special is 180gsm (grams per square metre) and 840/840 (thickness of thread)

9x9 Standard is 240gsm and has a thread thickness of 1000/1000 

12x12 is 270gsm and also has a thread thickness of 1000/1000

So when choosing which Banner Mesh to use, the environment and what print quality you are looking to achieve, also worth noting that we can cut wind slits ex works or you can on-site if required.

The 12x12 will have the highest print quality due to having a higher surface are to print, making it a great solution for logos and images that have a higher detail, for a very high detailed image, you may need to look at a solid vinyl

The 9x9 Standard is the great allrounder, with good print and a more open weave than the 12x12 mesh

9x9 Special, this is the entry into the PVC Banner Mesh product range, this Banner Mesh is the next step up from the printed Shade Cloth, popularity of the Shade Cloth has slowed down but still available, it is recommend that this product is used when printing logo only onto a white background, Part print if you will.

Roll sizes are a standard 50m in length and widths can range from 1.6m to 5.0m a custom job was achieved once at 30m x 30m this was printed in sections of 6 x 30m x 5.0m and then joined with the welded tape. But any custom size is available 

What is Banner Mesh

What is Corflute

Corflute is a twin wall Polypropylene sheet that is lightweight and cost effective, and designed usually for short term applications in comparison to our other signage options.


It is lightweight, weather resistant and is the industry standard in construction, events, real estate and business signage. We offer direct to media printing at the highest quality, with fast production times. Choose any custom size and quantity on 3mm or 5mm thickness.


Corflute is common for temporary signage, for both indoor and outdoor use, to effectively and easily advertise your business.